VN Channel

Channel Your Learning

The Videonitch cloud-based VN Channel is an ultra secure video platform used to create, manage and distribute corporate video content. The Channel helps organizations increase training engagement and effectiveness through advanced video learning and its social learning features. This allows organizations to deliver training and coaching in a more efficient, compelling, easy to measure and cost effective manner.


VN Channel features an embedded video player,  VN Player, that automatically converts video to play on any desktop, tablet or smartphone making it easy to distribute content on-demand, as well as advance reporting and analytics to monitor usage.

VN Player

VN Player


Creating an interactive experience proven to impact learning.

VN Studio

VN Studio


Intuitive and easy to manage, VN Studio puts you at the controls

Certificate Learning App

Certificate Learning App

Monitor employee progress with quizzes & milestones embedded throughout training content.

Key Channel Features

Centralized corporate hub

Consistent Branding & Messaging

Secure sharing of intellectual property

Completely customizable features

24/7/365 support

Fully responsive layout

User-specific libraries

User-specific notes

Social collaboration - comments, feedback, questions

Monitoring and analysis

Easy LMS integration

Share content privately with specific users