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About This Project

The Challenge

Callaway Golf,  a leading provider of golf technology, clubs, and accessories were looking for a way to effectively train 7,000 pros to become Certified Club Fitters, extending their sales reach across North America to any and every golf professional will to take part.  With a target audience dispersed across the US, in person training was not an option.  Callaway asked:

How can we train and certify over 7,000 golf pros across North America to become certified Club Fitters?

The Solution

Callaway was able to widen their reach to 7,000 golf professionals using the Videonitch platform. Implementing VN Channel and our Certificate Training App, Callaway created a corporate branded training program that was easily accessible from any device – from even the most remote golf course locations.


Instead of focusing on logistics of travel and training the trainer for a traditional localized training roll out, the golf technology experts at Callaway were able to put their full resources into developing a dynamic and engaging online training program, complete with assessments, quizzes, and quality assurance.  All this in a fraction of the time it would take to roll out satellite training sessions, while maintaining the highest training standards.


The ability to centralize knowledge into a single delivery channel with Videonitch while receiving real-time feedback and monitoring progress of trainees? Now that’s a hole in one for Callaway!

The Results

Widened Reach

Increase access to golf professionals whose location and schedule would make training cost prohibitive and impossible.

A Hole-in-One!

Ability to focus on creating dynamic, engaging training materials instead of booking hotels, conference rooms, and sourcing trainers, Callaway reached more golf professionals than they ever had before via in-person training.

Measurable Return

Callaway quickly realized 28% increase in sales from golf professionals trained on the Videonitch platform.