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The Challenge

A leading worldwide office supply chain was looking for a way to effectively educate internal sales teams on third party product differentiators.  Vendors were frustrated by lack of access to front line sales teams, and sales people were frustrated and overwhelmed by the sheer number of products they needed to learn about to be able to support consumer decisions.


Without enough time, or money, that would make it possible to have every third party vendor provide training to the inside sales team, a cutting-edge solution was required.


Video was an obvious choice, yet still impractical. Vendors would supply videos that were often too lengthy, difficult to access remotely; and it was impossible to monitor whether employees were actually learning.


How can we securely integrate a third party product training function into our overall L&D program, without draining our internal staff resources and overwhelming our sales force with too much messaging?

The Solution

Videonitch stepped in to help create a corporate branded video platform where third party vendors could easily supply and share training content.


Video-based solutions include:

• Secure access to third party vendors in a corporate branded environment.

• Secure access to employees based on job level, knowledge level, and other custom access rules.

• The ability for third party vendors to independently create, organize, upload and share content without requiring time and resources of internal staff.

• Central control to approve and deny video uploads, ultimately deciding what gets shared with their employees.


The result? Satisfied vendors, educated employees, and scalable potential.


Encouraged to provide snack-size content, third party vendors realized they could quickly accomplish their goals with videos that were significantly shorter in length and on-point.


A win for the sales teams who could now use product videos as “cheat sheets” to quickly refresh their minds before a sales presentation.

Using Videonitch to create a branded TV Channel, not only satisfied vendors and internal sales teams, but has proven itself scalable and flexible, improving internal corporate communications with endless possibilities for applications from trainee programs, social collaboration, professional development, to only name a few.


Interested in your own video channel? Contact us and learn how you can use Videonitch to solve your learning & development challenges.

The Results

Mobile Access

With mobile access, employees could learn on their own time, from any location, with reliable video streaming.

Feedback & Controls

Management as well as third party vendors could see proof that sales teams were actually accessing content, discussing it, asking questions, and showing true learning.


The solution not only met the needs of the organization, its employees, and its vendors; the solution proved flexible, accessible, and reliable to elevate overall corporate communications.