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The Challenge

Global manufacturing giant, Caterpillar, was seeking a solution that would bridge the learning gap across their extended sales force of global dealers.


Caterpillar knows it is essential for dealers to understand how to operate machinery products, understand how they differ from others products in the market, and how to care for them.  Proper product training had proven to translate into higher consumer confidence, more reliability in machine performance,  longevity, and repeat business.


But classic forms of training had become ineffective. More and more, CAT was finding that global dealers where reluctant to travel to in-person sales conferences. Dealers had less time to spare and less interest in carving out time for days on end to train in a group setting – not to mention the exorbitant travel costs.

The Solution

Caterpillar partnered with Videonitch to create a self-learning portal called, Channel-1.


Equipped with dozens of training support videos, Channel-1 could provide training through instructional videos, teaching dealers about products in a fashion similar to YouTube, but without the associated risks of public sharing.


Channel-1 has proven itself time and time again through measurable return.  Despite less travel to corporate headquarters, dealers have been able to access training more frequently and more effectively than ever before.  Dealers have been able to watch hundreds of training videos about CAT products, not only absorbing product data, but connecting directly with CAT corporate headquarters through the commenting section within the Channel’s video libraries, as well as using the Channel’s Q&A feature that connects the viewer directly with subject matter experts for each product.

The Results

Save Time

Caterpillar was able to reach exponentially more users in a fraction of the time, eliminating costly travel and complicated training sessions.

Feedback & Controls

Real-time assessments, reporting, and a locked-in sequence making it impossible for trainees to jump ahead of critical content.

Proven Knowledge Gain

A series of progressive learning programs with assessments and feedback to provide management with an understanding of employee progress.