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About This Project

The Challenge

State Street Bank looked to Videonitch to help capture the knowledge of their top sales executives and share it with field reps without the cost of time and travel.

With 1500 salespeople located all across the Globe, how do we connect our top performers with those needing more development?

The Solution

State Street Bank is able to connect their field sales reps from all over the world using the Videonitch platform, capturing and sharing the knowledge of their top performers through video-based product training, sales coaching, and sharing of best practices.


In lieu of the classic in-person group sales training programs that would draw focus away from  valuable selling time and cost a fortune, State Street found swift success with user-generated videos that could be created and uploaded to a branded State Street Channel based on the VN Channel product.  Information is shared instantly with field reps located virtually anywhere.

The Results

Access Anywhere

Connect top sales performers with those who need more development.

Feedback & Controls

Real-time assessments, reporting, and a locked-in sequence making it impossible for trainees to jump ahead of critical content.

Measurable Return

Increased sales revenues from those who where producing little before training, travel costs, and little to no production costs… Win-Win-Win!