Deliver learning whenever you need it, anytime, anywhere with our easy to use video platform. When it comes to providing a clean and simple way to find content, Videonitch is the answer. Give us a try today!

intuitive interface design

Beautifully designed, intuitive user interface

The Videonitch Channel is designed with the end-user in mind.  Similar to what you’re used to seeing on YouTube and Vimeo, our interface makes all your digital assets readily accessible and easily searchable.  The content your looking for is never more than a few clicks away.

Make your on-boarding experience something to look forward to

On-boarding multiple people in multiple departments can be a true challenge to those tasked with managing that process. With a fully tailored channel, all your learning materials can be uploaded in a quick and efficient manner. Unlike many other video content management systems out there, our platform has learning paths built right into our platform, so once the user is granted access, the system can guide them along the on-boarding process with minimal effort from an administrative perspective. 

integrates with LMS

One Platform, Full Integration, Complete Security

Learning management systems can do many things but often times, they need assistance when it comes to digital content management. Our platform integrates seamlessly with all of today’s most popular LMSs. Don’t have an LMS? Not a problem. Our platform can act as a standalone as well. Either way, the technology provides FREE updates that are always meeting the security standards companies seek, especially in financial services, banking and healthcare.

Private Coaching

With how fast today’s business world moves, in-person coaching sessions can be a hassle to schedule and commit to.  Being able to do so digitally allows two people to be in separate places and still get all the benefits of being physically in the same room.  With one click, a manager or executive can screen share with an employee without having to change systems, download extensions or sign into a separate program. 

example of private coaching

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Videonitch makes it easy to create, organize, centralize, and secure training assets within a dedicated and branded video channel, available on-demand 24/7 to employees and partners.