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Videonitch provides a robust video channel with certificate-based learning paths in a fully branded, secure, and interactive environment.  VN Channel gives organizations the power to create, organize, centralize, and secure training assets within a dedicated and branded video channel, available on-demand, 24/7/365, to employees and partners.


Over the last decade, Videonitch has evolved almost as quickly and as dramatically as technology itself. We pride ourselves in staying one step ahead of the market and swiftly aligning our solutions to the needs of our customers.


Founded by technology leaders and innovators with the vision that video would quickly permeate and pervade Internet content in the future, Videonitch began as a video production company. We found our niche creating professional videos for progressive companies like Callaway and State Street Bank – early adopters who embraced the power of video as a tool for improved learning and long-term knowledge retention for globally dispersed employees.

VN Channel is our flagship video streaming platform that simply makes corporate video sharing better.

Before too long, with powerful video content at their disposal, our clients quickly realized the challenges of sharing the content. They sought improved performance, metrics, checks and balances. They sought answers:  Once the video is produced, where and how is it published?  How do we ensure high performance to keep the viewer engaged and learning?  How can we keep track of who is viewing content, monitor the efficacy of our training videos, know what works and what we need to improve?


We responded with VN Channel, a video streaming platform comprised of carefully designed features and functionality including security to protect intellectual property, suitable for any size business looking to centralize and secure training assets as well as overall corporate communications.


With video content exploding exponentially across the Internet as we speak, Videonitch is ready to help you create your own dedicated corporate channel that elevates the way you and your employees share information.

Why Video?


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VN Channel

Customize your own corporate channel while leveraging our high performance video streaming platform proven to ease communication and impact learning.

Virtual Coaching

Connect mentors with learners allowing them to privately share information and real-time feedback between two or more specified users.

Production Services

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