The learning evolution

Who can argue that a significant change is happening in the way people learn?

I’m of a generation that was taught in a traditional instructor led environment and required to learn from static carbon based content. Good old ink on paper. Then came overhead projectors followed by Powerpoint.

Being undiagnosed ADD (I guess it didn’t exist in those days) with reading and comprehension issues I found myself in the remedial reading class in the 3rd grade. It was tedious and stigmatizing. Third graders can be cutting with unfiltered comments. During the occasional conflict with classmates the go to line was “you can’t read”. Unfortunately they were partially right. I could read but struggled comprehending.

There was a small group of kids who were struggling with similar issues. It is said that misery loves company. We were miserable but appreciated each other’s company.

In the end we all learned to read and comprehend, many if not all of us went to college, graduated and went on to do our life’s work. Third grade was a mere bump in the road.

Over the past several years we have seen a significant change in the way people learn. The speed, volume of information available and consumption process is mind bending as compared to the old way. The learning process has behaved much like that of water and electricity. They all travel the path of least resistance. In doing so the learning process has found its way to a new non-traditional form. 65% of learners are visually oriented but are Kinesthetic/Tactile learners. Simple math tells us that traditional teaching processes (instructor led) is effective on 35% of the audience. 10% are auditory learners yet 80% of instruction is verbal. No wonder I needed remedial reading classes.

So, if the objective is to teach, learn, retain, recall and implement the corporate training community needs to wake up from their long nap. The compliance approach is no longer tolerable for most modern companies. Sure, I can prove that an employee was exposed to content but did they learn, retain, recall and implement?

Companies have a right to see a measurable ROI from any training regiment. It’s difficult to maximize that benefit following traditional training protocol.

Let’s face facts, like it or not we are at the beginning of a dynamic shift in the way human beings absorb information. They now have a voice. Video needs to be a primary training tool. Think of it this way, would you dig for gold without a pick and shovel? Then why would you try to train people without video?

If you have video woven into your training protocol you are either an innovator or an early adopter. Congratulations you represent approximately 16% of the consuming public. If not you are at risk of falling behind. If you are a member of the early majority class it’s time for you to move. The value of video being leveraged through existing technology exists.

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