How one hospital cured their HIPAA Training woes with video

I’ll assume that if you are reading this blog then you must be familiar with HIPAA compliance. However, we all know what happens when you assume. So let me clarify for those that are just curious blog readers. HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which, in its simplest form revolves around protecting the privacy and security of information that can be connected to an individual’s health condition.  If you are responsible for HIPAA training for your organization, you don’t need anyone to tell you that you are under an immense amount of pressure andspying, regulators, compliance, watching scrutiny.  Not just from the internal HR, Risk, Compliance and Legal groups, but certainly from the external regulators that have you under a very large microscope.

According to, a reported $20 million in fines were handed out to companies across the U.S. in 2016 for HIPAA violations.  This year, that number is predicted to double.  Needless to say, that puts even more pressure on the people that are responsible for delivering HIPAA training.  But the question still remains, “If you build it, will they come?”  Building or even buying HIPAA training content is not the issue as there is plenty of information readily available.  The real issue lies in getting these ridiculously busy doctors, nurses and support staff to take the time to learn about HIPAA compliance.  Notice I’m not saying that the issue is to get your audience to complete the training, that’s relatively easy.  How do you actually get your audience to learn the importance of one’s privacy, the repercussions if they don’t, and the financial and reputational risk to the organization in the case of a HIPAA violation? My suggestion…..use more video!  You may be thinking that’s an expected recommendation from your humble narrator who happens to work for a company called VIDEONITCH, but let me give you a real life true story about a healthcare company that was phenomenally successful at getting their audience to actually learn about HIPAA compliance by utilizing video for their training.


How does a very busy hospital and healthcare provider successfully train and certify HIPAA Compliance to over 5,100 doctors, nurses and support staff in six weeks?  In this case, the training team at XYZ Hospital (in the spirit of HIPAA security, we won’t use their real name) decided they needed to do something different than previous years as it just wasn’t working.  Two years prior, they actually signed all employees up for classroom training and they did not meet their Federal requirements on time due to “no-shows”.  The following year they spent months building interactive e-learning modules with an assessment at the end, this resulted in a respectable 81% completion rate but received very poor feedback about how much time it took to complete.  They also needed a way to reach the other 19% that had not successfully completed the e-learning and had to do one-on-one training with them in order to satisfy the Regulatory Agencies’ requirements, which was a manual and very timely process.


The training team at XYZ Hospital decided to do something they had never done before – create microlearning using video.  Their approach was not to simply embed videos into their existing e-learning courses, but the entire learning strategy was to have a certification program made up of 100% short video scenarios.  When they contacted me to see how VIDEONITCH could help, I was very happy to find out that half the battle had already been won. You see, when I work with training leaders I often have to convince them that research studies have proven that using video in learning enhances retention.  In this case, they already knew it.  They wanted to try video in their learning strategy for awhile but just didn’t know where to start, this HIPAA training became that starting point.  The other advantage we had was that there was an aspiring movie maker working on the internal XYZ Hospital training team who really wanted to write scripts and produce videos, this was her chance.


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For the sake of writing a blog and not a novel, I will spare you all of the details behind pre and post production and simply say that the team at XYZ Hospital, in collaboration with VIDEONITCH, allowed plenty of time to plan, write, record, edit, distribute and market these videos in a very strategic way. The scenarios were short (less than 4 minutes) but effective. They were real-life situations so the audience completely resonated with them. They were also strung together as a chronological series, each video being monitored for viewing and tracked before allowing the learner to jump to the next scene (a standard feature of our platform, the VN Channel).  There were 17 short scenes explaining what HIPAA is, how to protect patient information, what to do if you see a violation, and some “edutaining” stories about real-life HIPAA situations. At the end of the videos was a short assessment in which the learners had to pass in order to complete the certification.  (XYZ Hospital leveraged our VIDEONITCH Learning Platform to manage the training and distribute the learning on any desktop or mobile device in a private and secure environment.)


These are actual samples of the feedback from the learners.

“This process made it incredible easy to complete a normally horrible mandatory training experience.”

“I LOVE being able to watch the videos on my cell phone and still get credit for the training!”

“Originally I didn’t like the fact that we had to take 17 modules, but the videos were short and fun to watch – great job!”

“I’ve been with this hospital for 12 years and this was by far the BEST training I’ve ever had to take!”


This is just one example of how best practice companies are utilizing the power of video in their learning strategy.  Other clients have leveraged micro learning videos for Onboarding, Sales Training, Marketing\Communications, Virtual Coaching, Software Simulation, Presentation Skills, Technical Training and more.  If you would like to discuss how you can enhance your training through video or see a live demo of our award-winning platform, contact me direct at

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