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Enable Peak Performance

Videonitch provides a centralized hub for all corporate communications including videos, documents, images, and audio file sharing, along with valuable social collaboration components.


Your dedicated and corporate branded channel is available on demand from virtually anywhere, with reliable performance featuring mobile access, 24/7/365 support, production assistance, and do-it-yourself options.

Products & Services

Enhance your employee’s productivity, performance, and engagement.  At the same time, centralize all your performance enhancement tools; combining videos, documents, images, and audio files into a powerful library that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


When you choose Videonitch to bring video to your company’s development plan, our VN Channel software quickly morphs into YOUR Channel; a fully branded, reliable, and safe platform to share corporate intellectual property across even the most globally dispersed locations.  What’s more, VN Channel takes learning to the next level with an unmatched certification component allowing our customers to effectively monitor employee performance progress and the achievement of milestones.


Using our software and video expertise, we’ll guide you throughout the implementation process. You’ll see how easy it is to generate video content and share it with your employees.  Enjoy the benefits of mobile accessibility, reliable video streaming, integration with existing LMS systems, social collaboration, monitoring, and analytics.

VN Channel

VN Channel

Customize your own corporate channel while leveraging our high performance video streaming platform proven to ease communication and impact learning.

Virtual Coaching

Virtual Coaching

Connect mentors with learners allowing them to privately share information and real-time feedback between two or more specified users.

Production Services

Production Services

Ride the selfie wave and learn how videos don’t have to be highly produced to be effective learning tools.

Key Channel Features

Certificate Learning

Inspect what you expect! Measure effectiveness by creating relevant/targeted content with built-in knowledge checks to assess learner progress, ensure consistency, and deliver accuracy.


VN Channel incorporates critical security components so you can be assured you are sharing information with only trusted users.

Mobile Responsiveness

Reliable video streaming that can be accessed on any size device from virtually any location where wi-fi is available.

LMS Integration

Stand alone or integrated with an existing LMS, the Videonitch platform enhances video performance and impacts learning.

Measurable ROI

With our unmatched certificate learning feature, monitoring, analytics, check points, and real-time user feedback, you’ll quickly see increased productivity.

Why Channel Your Learning?

The Videonitch solution provides the technology to make video work for your organization.  With our reliable and secure VN Channel software and our talented team of experts as your guide, you’ll have a blueprint for success.  You’ll learn how you can quickly and efficiently create, organize, centralize, secure & share your assets in a branded environment.


You have the knowledge and content; we provide the platform, the tools,and the process. Create simple, effective video content – video doesn’t have to be high-end to make high-impact!


Follow our blueprint to effectively organize your video content. Categorize video by skill, department, priority… you decide what works for your organization.

Videonitch products, services, video, learning, L&D, LMS, training


Leverage our cloud-based technology that allows users from virtually anywhere to access video content, enforcing consistent messaging and branding across a dispersed audience.


Public sharing sites are great for everyday social videos; but present risk when sharing proprietary corporate information. Enjoy reliable video streaming just like the public share sites, with critical security infrastructure to keep your corporate collateral private. Your users will enjoy effortless streaming, downloading, uploading, and messaging, while you rest assured your information is secure.

See for Yourself

Watch our videos and learn!

Visit our video library and see for yourself how Videonitch is helping clients, partners, and prospective clients improve corporate learning and communications.


Interested in learning more about our VN Channel platform? There’s no better way to learn than through video.

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Join the growing list of Fortune500 companies using the Videonitch’s VN Channel product  as part of their learning & development solutions.