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Videonitch provides a centralized hub for all corporate communications including videos, documents, images, and audio file sharing, along with valuable social collaboration components.

Your dedicated and corporate branded channel is available on demand from virtually anywhere, with reliable performance featuring mobile access, 24/7/365 support, production assistance, and do-it-yourself options.


Certificate Learning

Inspect what you expect! Measure effectiveness by creating relevant/targeted content with built-in knowledge checks to assess learner progress, ensure consistency, and deliver accuracy.


VN Channel incorporates critical security components so you can be assured you are sharing information with only trusted users.

Mobile Responsive

Reliable video streaming that can be accessed on any size device from virtually any location where wi-fi is available.

Measurable ROI

With our unmatched certificate learning feature, monitoring, analytics, check points, and real-time user feedback, you’ll quickly see increased productivity.


The VN Channel

Amplify your learning environment through our video platform. Tailor our technology to fit your corporate learning objectives.

  1. Search, stream, and share relevant learning material anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  2. Make your company’s most valuable knowledge easily accessible by those that need it most.
  3. Enhance the way your employees learn, and watch consumption and retention rates rise.
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Virtual Coaching

Practice makes perfect. Enable your employees to virtually coach one another, on their time, without having to set up formal in-person meetings.

  1. The power of self-evaluation and coaching is one click away.
  2. Open a means for your employees to communicate and learn from your best talent across the globe.
  3. Hone your skills when you want, as frequent as you want.

Production Services

One-stop-shop. We not only host your content, we can create it too.

  1. A video platform is only as good as its content, and we can do both.
  2. Application training, green screen, in studio, or on site, our team can assist you with any video production needs.
  3. Do it yourself. We can teach you best practices in creating amazing training videos to engage your audience and quickly grow your platform – No editing required!
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Videonitch makes it easy to create, organize, centralize, and secure training assets within a dedicated and branded video channel, available on-demand 24/7 to employees and partners.

Our Clients

Join the growing list of Videonitch clients who are leveraging the power of video across diverse industry and globally dispersed locations.

We worked with Kellogg creating video content.
Executive Forum is a leadership training and development organization that delivers a video-based learning platform with pre-populated speaker series which companies can purchase online and view on their branded channel, LeadershipOndemand.
Caterpillar Global Dealer Learning (GDL) partnered with Videonitch to create an on-demand video learning platform to support their network of 187 dealers across the globe. The branded solution, Channel1, allowed GDL to equip their dealers with the knowledge they need to troubleshoot issues related to heavy equipment anywhere in the world, 24x7.
BMC needed to fulfill required annual regulatory training for all staff regarding HIPAA Compliance. Realizing that their doctors, nurses and support staff would have very little time to sit in a classroom, they turned to video. Videonitch partnered with BMC to produce videos and a delivery platform that was ultra-secure and allowed for 100% compliance to over 7,000 medical personnel in under 6 weeks.
The Staples sales training group was faced with many challenges in keeping their mobile salesforce educated on new products and services. Traditional classroom training and e-learning was becoming costly to keep updated as products were changing rapidly. Utilizing the Videonitch platform, Staples created StaplesTV, an on-demand YouTube-like video learning channel that was available on any mobile device anywhere. This connected their external salesforce with the knowledge and information they needed, when they needed, and gave them a competitive edge over the competition.
In the wake of mounting regulatory pressure and increased competition, global financial giant State Street Corporation decided it was time to re-skill their entire salesforce. Being dispersed across 27 countries, they were faced with the challenge of scalability, cost and time. State Street partnered with Videonitch to create Sector360, a fully branded, virtual learning environment used for sales training, coaching and sales certification. This allowed State Street to reach far more people with consistent video learning in a fraction of the time of traditional training programs and at a fraction of the cost.
Callaway turned to Videonitch for assistance in training professional club fitters and golf equipment salespeople. Using the Videonitch certification process and platform, Callaway delivered real-time training to golf professionals nationally. The self-paced video learning certification program has led to an estimated 28% increase in sales over those that do not complete the professional golf fitting certification.
A leader in the SaaS and cloud-based remote connectivity services for collaboration, LogMeIn partnered with Videonitch to create a CEO welcome video. This video was used to onboard all new employees, and introduce them to the company culture after moving to their new offices in Downtown Boston.
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Cryptzone secures enterprises with identity centric security solutions that protect critical applications and content from internal and external threats. The Cryptzone channel provides a vehicle for cryptzone to educate and train its customers on their products with video screen captures and tutorials.
The creative minds behind Videonitch Production Services created an immersive world of both animation and real-life to showcase Pilot Pen's exciting new products. This video was used to train hundreds of sales people nationally to critical acclaim.
New England's largest energy provider, Eversource, has agreed to partner with Videonitch to produce a series of training videos for their Vegetation Management Services and gas and electric lineman. These videos will be the basis of ETV, an innovative video learning channel used to further educate and engage internal and external Eversource employees.
The prestigious Boston College Carroll School of Management agreed to combine Dale Carnegie's famous professional training with Videonitch's award-winning video learning platform - resulting in a world class unique learning experience for students. While attending Dale Carnegie's classroom sessions, students can access the Videonitch platform to give and receive feedback and coaching in a just-in-time learning experience.

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Videonitch makes it easy to create, organize, centralize, and secure training assets within a dedicated and branded video channel, available on-demand 24/7 to employees and partners.


Welcome to the Videonitch Video Library

Take it from the pros! We highly value instructor learning, but we know for sure that adding video not only makes learning more fun, there are significant studies & statistics that support video as the most effective form of training ensuring better knowledge retention.

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Videonitch provides a robust video channel with certificate-based learning paths in a fully branded, secure, and interactive environment.  VN Channel gives organizations the power to create, organize, centralize, and secure training assets within a dedicated and branded video channel, available on-demand, 24/7/365, to employees and partners.

Over the last decade, Videonitch has evolved almost as quickly and as dramatically as technology itself. We pride ourselves in staying one step ahead of the market and swiftly aligning our solutions to the needs of our customers.

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Videonitch makes it easy to create, organize, centralize, and secure training assets within a dedicated and branded video channel, available on-demand 24/7 to employees and partners.